Job Launch



eBook: Perfecting the Perfect Project Launch
In this eBook, you’ll learn all about best practices for project launch as told by industry leaders.
Enabling Edits for Job Launch Requests
Learn how to allow Job Launch submitters to edit job launch requests after submission.
Requester Insights
Requester Insights allow your requesters to see limited information about the project their request is associated with.
Instantly Create Projects from Requests
Learn how Job Launch Managers can instantly create a project from their own job launch submissions.
Enabling Self Registration for Job Launch Submitters
Turn on this feature in Account Settings to allow contacts to self-register as a job launch submitter.
Job Launch Scoring
Job Launch scoring is a great solution for larger teams with a high volume of intake that are interested in a quantitative method for determining the priority of new requests.
Job Launch Status Glossary
Learn about the potential job launch request statuses found in the Job Launch Workspace.