Project Management



Creating A New Project
How to create a project from scratch without using a request form.
Setting Project Status and Priority
Project Status and Priority can be selected from the applicable dropdown menus near the top of the Project Dashboard . Users can also create custom statuses, by selecting the + icon to the right of the 'Status'  dropdown. To updat...
Uploading Project Files
Learn about uploading project files and accessing them from the Project Dashboard and during proof upload.
Adding Tasks and Milestones
Use Tasks and Milestones to manage smaller goals and to-dos within your project scope.
Bulk Shift Task Dates
If you need to move some or all of your tasks and/or milestone dates forward or backwards, you can use the bulk shift feature.
Assigning Resources
Assign team members to projects and tasks while utilizing resource allocation .
Time Tracking
Using Timesheets Timesheets are a way to track your time worked per task, organized by project. Navigate to Workspaces > Timesheets.  If you are assigned to a project as a team member, you will be able to see all existing project tas...
Available Project Notifications
Learn about email notifications related to Project Management.
Notifying Team Members of a Project
Learn how to send an email to project team members from the Project Dashboard.
Emailing Project Comments
From the Project Dashboard, users can leave a comment in the project area and email the comment out to the rest of their team.
Project Filter Groups
A Project Filter Groups are customizable categories that allow users to filter projects based on the assigned category. They useful when project campaigns have multiple projects/deliverables that eac
Project Sequence ID
Sequence ID allows you to associate a customized numerical ID with every project and/or associated job launch within inMotion.
An Introduction to Project Templates
Project Templates help automate repeated projects including the creation of common tasks and milestones, which makes project setup and launch much faster. Since a project contains all of the project'
Calculating Task Deadlines with Project Templates
Setting up Task Deadline Calculations When setting up a project template, you can choose from several different options for automatically calculating your task deadlines based on task deadline windows, project start dates and project due dates. Na...
Editing Project Templates
To edit an existing Project Template, navigate to Account > Project Templates. In the Project Template Builder/Editor Page, locate the 'Edit Existing Template' section on the bottom of the page. Select the template you wish to edi...
Assigning Project Templates to Existing Projects
Project templates can be assigned at any point during the project lifecycle. To do so, navigate to your Project Dashboard then click the 'Edit' button in the 'Overview' section.  You can then choose a project template from...
Bulk Updating Projects
From the Projects Workspace, the Bulk Update feature allows you to make changes to multiple projects at once.
Archiving and Deleting Projects
Archive and delete your projects as necessary.
Auto-Archive Projects
Clean up your project workspace automatically by using this feature to auto-archive projects that are saved with a 'Closed' status.
Project Auto-naming
What is Project Auto-naming? Project Auto-naming is another one of the tool’s in inMotion’s arsenal to standardize and automate creative processes. Auto-naming takes different data elements from the request and/or project and combines t...