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What's different about inMotion ignite?

inMotion ignite is a complete reimagining of both inMotion and creative workflow in general. Cutting edge development practices and a brand new system architecture have enabled us to bring forward powerful features like real-time updates, tagging, collaboration and @mentioning throughout the application, in addition to plug-and-play integrations with Adobe Creative Cloud that will significantly elevate your creative workflow.

Why did you need to build a new application?

Through our product team’s ongoing research practices, they found that today’s increasing demand for content required a new approach to workflow and an increase in collaboration. We decided to reimagine what that new approach for in-house marketing and creative teams should look like – leveraging the stability and adaptability of new technologies. Additionally, the new platform enabled us to build a best-in-class extension with Adobe Creative Cloud to help creatives spend more time creating and less time on administrative tasks.

What's the upgrade process like?

Our Upgrade to ignite campaign will walk you and your team through the upgrade process and teach you ignite at the same time! Plus, our Customer Experience team will provide strategic guidance every step of the way. Many teams ignite their workflow in as few as 30 days.

Do we have to switch?

We recommend that all customers move to inMotion ignite to take advantage of the cutting edge development, powerful features, and new enhancements that are release through minor updates approximately every two weeks. The earlier you plan your migration, the more flexibility you'll have to choose the migration window that works best for your business.

While we have not identified an "end of life" (EOL) date for inMotion Classic, all good things must come to and end and once the EOL date has been announced, customers will have less time left to migrate on their preferred schedule.

Will inMotion ignite receive any additional functionality or software updates?

Yes! Our exciting and evolving product roadmap ensures you see new functionality released to ignite approximately every two weeks. Curious? Check out recent releases.

Can I try it out before I decide?

We are happy to talk through functionality differences and showcase your workflows in a demo account, but ask that you commit to the upgrade before we create your account.

What if there's functionality missing that we can't do without?

Be sure to let us know what feature you’re hoping to see – we may already have your feature on our roadmap! If something is not yet on the roadmap, we can create an enhancement request based on your business need.

Will we lose access to our current data within inMotion Classic?

Most of your historical project data can be migrated to ignite with data migration tools available. During your migration, and for a period of at least 90-days after migration, your current inMotion account will continue to function to allow you to close out projects and access reports. Customers that want a clean start can migrate into a new account without their data. Learn more about importing work items.

How will I train my team?  Does my team require re-training?

inMotion ignite is very intuitive and easy to use and we have found that training requirements are minimal when users migrate from inMotion Classic. Still, you will be assigned an Implementation Consultant who will guide you through this process ensuring you are supported the entire way. 

Are there any changes to our contract or subscription fee?

For customers on a subscription model, there will be no increase to your overall cost. We are happy to discuss this with you further to ensure there are no surprises.

What are other teams saying who have gone through the upgrade process? 

"I didn't think I would get the hang of ignite so fast! I love all of the flexibility it offers! - Courtney B, Creative Project Manager.

"I dream about ignite and all the ways we can make our processes better!" - Jennifer M, VP, Creative Manager

"I just wanted to let you know that we have just about cleared out our old projects and are working 99.5% in ignite. THE TEAM IS LOVING IT! We are also getting "I love ignite" feedback from out stakeholders. Win! Win! Win!" - Michelle B, Graphic Designer

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