Software Requirements
Here are our basic system requirements to run inMotion.
How to Embed Fonts in Microsoft PowerPoint
When uploading a PowerPoint as a proof, you may find that certain fonts are rendering differently in the review environment than on your computer.
Uploading Excel Files for Review
It is highly recommend to convert all Excel content to PDF files for upload for review.
Undeliverable Emails
If you or your users are experiencing issues with the deliverability of emails from inMotion, we can work with your IT department to make adjustments to your email authentication protocols.
Whitelisting inMotion
If your company's security or firewall settings have restrictions on sites you can access, it may be necessary to whitelist specific domains and/or email addresses.
Why aren't some letters showing in the review environment?
Rasterize your documents to ensure that all fonts render correctly in the review environment.
Receiving an I/O Error When Uploading a Proof
An I/O error usually means that a setting on your machine or local network is blocking access to our converters.
Unable to Start a New Job Request
Can't click on Start New? Learn why.
Troubleshooting in an Incognito Window
Incognito Mode is a function that prevents web browsers from storing internet history, cookies, and site data.
Why do I see duplicated fields on a job launch request?
If you see duplicated text in certain fields after saving changes on a new request, or viewing a submitted job launch request, this issue was caused by a third-party browser extension, Grammarly.
Excel Error When Opening an Exported Report or Workspace
Why does Excel display an unsafe or corrupt file error?