Video Tutorials



 Video: Initiating Job Requests and Reviewing Proofs (7 min)
Watch or share this video with your requesters to get an introduction to submitting requests and reviewing related proofs. (7 min)
 Video: Submitting a New Request (3 min)
Watch or share this video with your requesters to get an introduction to submitting new requests. (3 minutes)
 Video: Reviewing a Proof (5 min)
Learn how to submit a review in our collaborative environment! (5 min)
 Video: Viewing a Returned Proof (2 min)
Learn how to view a returned proof and take action on the provided feedback. ...
 Video: Posting a New Version of a Proof (2 min)
Learn how to upload subsequent versions of a proof after you've made changes to an asset. ...
 Video: Email Review (5 min)
Use our Email Review feature to post emails for review and collect feedback on both the email design and its context, by capturing and displaying key email information such as subject line. (5 min)
 Video: Reporting
A brief introduction to our reporting suite! Learn how to run, customize and subscribe to reports. (3 min)
 Video: Navigating the Project Workspace
This video provides a basic overview of the project management workspace within inMotion. ...
 Video: Creating a Project
This video explains Projects, how to navigate the Projects Workspace and Project Folder, as well as how to create a project, add team members, add tasks, create deadlines, upload proofs. ...
 Video: Creating a Project Template
8 minutes : 10 seconds This video explains what a project template is, how they differ from projects, and the various ways to create them. Also covers how to create a project using a project template.   ...
 Video: Resource Allocation
inMotion’s Resource Allocation  feature helps marketing and creative teams simplify their workflow by easily balancing workloads, accurately tagging resources, and effectively planning projects. Project owners can streamlined project cre...
 Video: Posting a Proof for Review
6 minutes : 25 seconds This video covers how to navigate to the Proofs Workspace, upload a proof, and assign reviewers. It also reviews how to select review options, insert a message to reviewers, and add information to the email notification t...
 Video: Creating Contacts and Review Teams
This video covers how to create Contacts and Review Teams, and explains the different options available through the set-up process. Also covers how to select a review team when uploading content for review. ...
 Video: Creating Workflows
This video gives an in-depth look at creating and using workflows for proof review. (4 minutes) ...