Video Tutorials



 Video: Initiating Job Requests and Reviewing Proofs (7 min)
Learn how to submit requests and review related proofs.
 Video: Self-Registration (2 min)
Learn how to self-register for an account if allowed by your organization.
 Video: Submitting a New Request (3 min)
Learn how to submit a new request.
 Video: Uploading Content for Review (4 min)
Learn more about uploading content for review.
 Video: Creating Contacts and Review Teams (2 min)
Learn how to create Contacts and Review Teams and utilize them when uploading content for review.
 Video: Reviewing a Proof (5 min)
Learn how to submit a review in our collaborative environment!
 Video: Viewing a Returned Proof (2 min)
Learn how to view a returned proof and take action on the provided feedback.
 Video: Posting a New Version of a Proof (2 min)
Learn how to upload subsequent versions of a proof after you've made changes to an asset. ...
 Video: Email Review (5 min)
Learn how to post emails for review and collect feedback on both the email design and its context.
 Video: Resource Allocation
Manage your team's workload effectively using Resource Allocation!
 Video: Creating Workflows (3 min)
Learn how to setup workflows for proof review.