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  1. How do I clear my browser cache?

    What is browser cache? Browser cache speeds up the amount of time it takes to load a website you've visited before. When you visit a web page, your browser creates a temporary cache of the website data which helps your computer load it quicker ...
  2. Self-Paced Guide: Feature Overview

    Complete the following tasks to experience the basic features of the three major aspects of inMotion. Job Launch  Submit a Job Launch Request Form Hover over Workspaces   and click My Job Launches . Click START NEW to select t...
  3.  Video: Initiating Job Requests and Reviewing Proofs (7 min)

    Watch or share this video with your requesters to get an introduction to submitting requests and reviewing related proofs. (7 min)
  4. Understanding User Roles and Contacts

    An overview of user and contact permissions and the differences between each.
  5.  Video: Reviewing a Proof

    This training video will provide step-by-step instruction on how to use the new review environment.
  6. Submitting a New Request

    Job Launch allows you to make requests using online forms and view all your submitted requests and their status.
  7. Posting a New Proof

    Learn how to upload a new proof with customizable options.
  8. Self-Paced Guide: Account Customization

    Complete the following tasks to setup and customize core aspects and settings for your inMotion account. Utilize the referenced knowledge base articles to learn more about the corresponding features. Setting up Users and Contacts Manage Users o...
  9. Proof Versioning

    What is Versioning? inMotion allows for the Proof Uploader to submit sequential versions of the same document, so that after implementing feedback in their design, these versions will be associated together, and comparable in the review environme...
  10. Using Workflows

    Workflows allow you to add multiple tiers, rules and triggers that automatically route content for review.