Popular Articles

  1. How do I clear my browser cache?

    What is browser cache? Browser cache speeds up the amount of time it takes to load a website you've visited before. When you visit a web page, your browser creates a temporary cache of the website data which helps your computer load it quicker ...
  2.  Video: Initiating Job Requests and Reviewing Proofs (7 min)

    Learn how to submit requests and review related proofs.
  3. Proof Versioning

    Use Proof Versioning to submit sequential versions of the same document, allowing for comparisons of multiple versions within the review environment.
  4. Submitting a New Request

    Job Launch allows you to make requests using online forms and view all your submitted requests and their status.
  5. Understanding User Roles and Contacts

    An overview of user and contact permissions and the differences between each.
  6. File Preparation Guidelines

    Learn how to optimize your files for inMotion’s Review + Approval environment.
  7. Customizing the Workspace

    Learn how you can customize various workspaces and the information that is displayed to you in each.
  8. Posting a New Proof

    Learn how to upload a new proof with customizable options.
  9. Quick Start Guide: Submitting a Review

    Learn how to review content and submit your review status in this quick start guide.
  10. An Introduction to User Management

    Users require a unique login to inMotion and can be managed by Admins in Account settings.