Archiving and Deleting Projectsmail_outline

Archiving Projects

There are two different ways to archive a project. If you would also like to delete a project, you must archive it first.

Bulk Archiving

To archive one or more projects directly from the Project Workspace, click the checkbox next to the project(s) you wish to archive and click 'Bulk Update' at the top of the workspace.

In the following window's drop down list, select 'Archive' and choose whether you want to archive the associated proofs within that project. We recommend archiving proofs at this time, otherwise you will have to archive and delete those separately. Click 'Update.'

Archiving from the Project Dashboard

Another way to archive a project is directly from the Project Dashboard. Click the Archive button at the top left corner of the Project Dashboard and select if you'd like to archive the associated proofs.

Deleting Projects

Once you've placed the item in the archive, you can now delete it permanently from the system. To delete a project, navigate to Account > Project Archive. In the 'Delete' column, check the box next to the project you would like to remove, and click the 'Bulk Actions' dropdown at the top of the page. Click 'Delete' to permanently remove the selected projects.

A pop-up message will appear to confirm that you wish to permanently delete this item from your inMotion account. Click OK to finalize.