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What is Project Auto-naming?

Project Auto-naming is another one of the tool’s in inMotion’s arsenal to standardize and automate creative processes. Auto-naming takes different data elements from the request and/or project and combines those to create a standardized, automated naming convention that’s applied to every new project. Our customer success team can work with development to set up this functionality in your account! Contact us for assistance.

Fields for Auto-naming

The following fields can be incorporated into an auto-naming convention. For example, your project name could be formatted as follows:

"Custom Field Abbreviation for Brand" - "Date Created" - "Request Name" "Request Form Used" - "Sequence ID"

MKT - 011518 - True Soap Campaign Web Banner - 0123

  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Field Abbreviations (i.e. the Custom Field value is Marketing but the abbreviation for the project name is MKT).
  • Date Submitted (YYYY, YY, MM, and/or DD)
  • Date Created (YYYY, YY, MM, and/or DD)
  • Date Started (YYYY, YY, MM, and/or DD)
  • Sequence ID
  • Project Deadline (YYYY, YY, MM, and/or DD)
  • Request Name 
  • Requester Name
  • Request Form Used 
  • Project Filter Group

Best Practices for Auto-naming

Because Project Name is an easily searchable field, including different custom fields or dates as a part of your project name allows those fields to become easily searchable too. For example, if you wanted to search for projects by Brand, you could include the Brand custom field into your project naming structure.

Also, it is important to consider the ways your team and client base currently search for projects. Do you look through your emails from a certain month because you know the project was completed during that time? If so, you could include a date value in your project auto-name. Does your team do a lot of event marketing and search on event name? Then, include the event name as a custom field in your project name. 

Finally, it can also be helpful is to leave one free text field as part of your project name. This allows you to enter an editable, short (5-6 words or less) description of the project that others can search for when they can’t remember other key details of the project. 

Editing Project Names when Enabled

Once Project Auto-naming is enabled, you can change the name of your various projects by adjusting the field values that make up your auto-naming structure. If you need to adjust the content or order of the structure itself in the future, simply contact support for assistance.

When auto-naming is enabled, duplicated projects will inherit the original project's name. Just like any other project, this can be adjusted by changing the values of the various fields that make up your project name.