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What is Email Review?

With our email review capability, you can send emails right from your preferred email marketing tool to inMotion to be reviewed and approved. 

Here's how email review works:

Once your marketing email is ready for testing and review, you simply send the message from your email service provider, marketing automation platform or email client to a unique email address associated to your inMotion account. 

In addition to the body of the email, inMotion will capture key information from the email, such as the sender and subject line. To provide critical context for reviewers, you can also provide additional information, including send date, pre-header text, and audience.

Once the proof is released, reviewers can markup and collaborate on both the body of the email and the email’s contextual information, just as they would on any other type of asset.

A link to the email is also provided in the review environment so the reviewer can fully experience the email and live hyperlinks in a new tab of their browser window.

Email review is available to accounts that have transitioned to the new user interface and the new Review + Approval environment. Contact Support for more details.

Email Review Settings

As an Administrator, you can customize storage settings and the optional email fields related to email review.

  1. Navigate to Account > Account Settings > Customize > Capture Email.
  2. Under 'Email Purge Settings,' choose if and how often you would like emails captured by inMotion to be purged from your account.
  3. You can enable or disable each 'Optional Email Field,' as well as rename its heading to control the field's appearance on the proof upload page, per your team's unique process. Simply click on the field you would like to customize and hit 'Save' to update.
  4. Finally, click 'Save' in the Account Settings window.

Capturing an Email for Upload

  1. Once you have started a new proof, click on the FROM EMAIL button in the 'Capture' section of the Add Content page.

  2. In the following dialog box, you can find your account's unique email address that will be used to capture your emails for review. Click on the icon to the right of the email address to automatically copy the address to your clipboard.

  3. Login to the email marketing tool of your choice and send a test email to the address above.
    Note: Test emails are often sent at the end of the email platform queue so it may take a few minutes to appear.

  4. After enough time has elapsed for the email to be sent, revisit the proof upload page or click REFRESH in the Capture Email window to see your available emails. Check the box next to the email you would like to review. You can select the thumbnail to enlarge the email to help you distinguish between selections. You can also sort the emails by Date Received, From, and Subject Line as needed.

  5. Click ADD TO PROOF.

  6. The Subject Line and From fields will automatically be captured and mapped over to their respective fields. To edit the stitched email information, click EDIT from the Asset section on the right.

  7.  Add or edit contextual information as applicable and click SAVE CHANGES. Once you save, the email asset will re-process to include the additional information stitched into a separate section above the email design. Alternatively, if you do not want stitched information to appear, you can clear each field. Users can then click on the thumbnail to see how the asset will render in the review environment.

  8.  Proceed with your proof upload as normal.

Reviewing an Email

Now you can gather feedback on your emails as easily as any other asset using the same intuitive review tools!

With an email asset, inMotion converts the email and stitched information into one PDF file with sections dedicated to Email Information and Email Design. You will be able to utilize the Text Tools to strikethrough or highlight your email copy.

Clicking the asset name on the top right will open the email in a new tab in your browser. Reviewers can then test links to validate they function as expected and return to the review environment to provide feedback as necessary.

This link to view your email in a browser tab does not work unless you are in the active proof, so it should not be copied, shared, or bookmarked.