Excel Error When Opening an Exported Report or Workspacemail_outline

There are multiple areas of the application, like Reporting and various Workspaces, where you can export data to Excel in .xls or .csv format. When opening these files, Excel may prompt you with an error saying the following:

The file format and extension of [file name] don't match. The file could be corrupted or unsafe. Unless you trust its source, don't open it. Do you want to open it anyway?

This error is common when exporting datasets from SaaS platforms like inMotion. While generating the .xls (or .csv) file, inMotion converts the HTML webpage as a .XLS file type. This alert is due to a feature called extension hardening introduced by Excel in 2007 and it is triggered when files are saved in this manner. As long as you are opening the file directly from inMotion, you can click the Yes button to proceed.