Quick Start Guide: Submitting a Reviewmail_outline

Accessing the Proof

When your feedback is requested on a proof, you will receive an email notification containing a link that takes you directly to the review environment in your web browser.

Once you enter the review environment, click Start My Review to begin.

Providing Feedback

When reviewing an asset, easily provide feedback by marking up the assets using the intuitive annotation tools in the toolbar. Each annotation will automatically be associated with a comment. Click Add Comment to save your markup.

  Every annotation and its related comment will be numbered.

  You can also attach files related to your comment.

Page Navigation

The Page Navigator shows all creative assets in the proof and allows you to navigate to other pages by clicking on the corresponding thumbnail. This is also a great place for an at-a-glance view of each page’s status based on the stage of the review.

The comment icon indicates if reviewers have made comments regarding an asset.

The info icon allows you to view any notes entered by the uploader for that asset.

Proof Options

Select the menu icon in the top left corner of the review environment to view available proof options.

The Share, Download and Print menu options are only visible when enabled by the proof uploader.

Share allows you to invite additional people to review a proof. You have the option to include a custom message in the email invitation to additional reviewers. Here you will also see a list of the current reviewers.

Download gives you the option to select the original asset file(s) you wish to download. If multiple files are selected, they will be bundled into a single zip file.

Print allows you to print the proof to PDF. Banners will appear at the bottom of the review environment indicating PDF preparation and readiness. The generated PDF file will include a cover page including grouped approval statuses, images of the assets with annotations alongside reviewer collaboration.

Proof Info allows you to review the customized instructions from the uploader to be considered while reviewing the proof.

Save & Exit will save your review and allow you to return at a later time to complete it. The system also periodically auto-saves your review.

Approval Statuses

Before you can submit your review and complete the review process, an approval status is required for each page, such as ‘Approved as is’ or ‘Change and resubmit.’ You can set the approval status by selecting the drop down menu on the left hand side of the screen, above the collaboration panel. Available status options are chosen by the proof uploader.

Click the page navigation arrows to review the next page in the proof.

Submitting Reviews

After applying an approval status to all assets in the proof, the 'Save & Exit' button will update so that you can submit your review. To proceed, click Submit Review at the top right of the page.

You will then be asked to ‘Confirm Your Review Submission.’ If enabled by your account administrator, you will see a disclaimer. Check the box to acknowledge the disclaimer and enter your digital signature.

By clicking 'See my approval statuses', you are also able to confirm that your approval statuses have been set correctly.

Click Submit My Review to finalize your review.

The user who originally uploaded the proof for review will be notified via email when all invited reviewers have submitted their reviews.