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Proof Deadlines

When uploading a new proof for review, you can apply a Proof Deadline on the Release Options page. Proof Deadlines act as a due date for review completion by all invited reviewers. By enforcing a deadline, reviewers will not be allowed to perform a review once the deadline has passed. If they attempt to access the review, the URL will display a proof expired warning.

Deadline Expired Status

If the Proof Deadline expires before all reviews have been completed, the proof will show a status of Deadline Expired. This does not return the review to the designer, but simply prevents further reviewers from submitting any feedback. At this point in time you can move forward in one of two ways:

Edit the Proof Deadline 

  1. From the Proof Info page, you can edit the proof deadline to extend the time allowed to complete reviews. Click EDIT in the Proof Details section, update the deadline and click SAVE.
  2. Once you've extended the proof deadline, you can also select RENOTIFY in the top right of the Proof Info page to remind reviewers of the proof available for review.

Retrieve the Proof

  1. From the Proof Info page, select RETRIEVE from the upper right to return the proof to the designer so that they can incorporate the feedback provided before the expiry.


From Account Settings, you can also enable an email notification that will notify the Proof Uploader once a proof deadline has expired.

  1. Navigate to Account> Account Settings > Customize > Notification.
  2. Select the option 'Notify uploader whenever a proof's deadline expires.'
  3. Click Save.

Ignore Proof Deadline

If you would like the Proof Deadline to act as a soft reminder to reviewers, instead of preventing reviewers from submitting feedback, Customer Success can enable this as an account-wide setting. With this setting enabled, reviewers can still submit their review once the deadline has passed. Note: If the deadline is passed, but all reviews are eventually submitted, the system will retrieve the proof normally.

If this is your preference, please Contact Support to request that we enable 'Ignore Deadline' on your account.