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If enabled, active reviewers are able to @mention reviewers and share proofs. @mentioning and sharing are very similar. They will both provide access to the proof and make that person an active reviewer within the proof. The difference is that, unlike sharing, you can @mention existing reviewers and the resulting email notification will include the comment where the new reviewer was mentioned.


From inside the review environment, reviewers can @mention by starting an annotation or general comment and typing ‘@’ in the comment field. This will expand a list of current reviewers that you can select by clicking. You can narrow the list by typing the name of the person you are mentioning.

If the person that you are mentioning is not a reviewer in the specific proof, you can simply @mention their email address. This will send them your comment and an invitation link to the proof via email, and it will add them to the workflow as a required reviewer.


To Share a proof, click the menu button at the top-left corner of the review environment to open the ‘Proof Options’ menu. From there, you can click the Share button. This will prompt you to add one or more email addresses to share the proof with. Each person that you share the proof with, will become a required reviewer and receive an email notification containing a link to the proof.

Settings: Enabling @mentioning and sharing

The ability to @mention and share proofs is controlled by the ‘Reviewer Forwarding’ setting, which is customizable and can be controlled at the contact, proof, workflow and account-level of the inMotion platform.

Account Settings

If you go to Account > Account Settings > Customize > Upload Preferences, you can enable ‘Reviewer Forwarding’ at the account-level. This will enable reviewer forwarding for all new proofs by default.

Proof Settings

When posting a proof, you can enable/disable reviewer forwarding from the ‘Release Options’ page on left side if the page.

After a proof has been posted, reviewer forwarding can be enabled/disabled from the ‘Proof Info’ page. At the bottom-left of the proof info page, click the SHOW button next to ‘Advanced Options.’ From there, you can check/uncheck ‘Allow Reviewer Forwarding’ and click the SAVE button.

Workflow Settings

If you like, reviewer forwarding can be restricted within workflows on a tier by tier basis. This is commonly utilized when you have both internal and external reviewers grouped by tiers in a workflow and you don’t want the external reviewers to be able to invite others.

When building or editing a workflow, click the pen icon next to the rule to edit it. In the modal that pops up, you can check/uncheck ‘Allow Reviewer Forwarding.’

Contact settings

Lastly, reviewer forwarding can be restricted for specific contacts. If you click on the CONTACTS tab and go to a specific contact, you will see that ‘Reviewer Forwarding’ is the first permission in the list. Unchecking this will keep that Contact from @mention or share proofs.

We recommend that you leave this enabled for all contacts to prevent confusion in future proofs