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What is Job Launch Scoring?

Job Launch scoring is a great solution for larger teams with a high volume of intake that are interested in a quantitative method for determining the priority of new requests. By attributing value to certain answers on the intake form, each request can then be assigned a total value. This total score provides a non-subjective, prioritization method for your intake process.

  1. First, you can assign point values to certain answer values on your request form. 
  2. Based on the answers your requester selects for the scored questions, these point values will be added together per job launch request.  
  3. This total score can be displayed in your Job Launch Workspace so that new requests can be sorted based on each request's total score. 

Scoring Breakdown

As an example, you could assign point values based on the answers to questions about priority, audience and department. Here is an example scoring breakdown:

High - 5 points
Medium - 3 points
Low - 1 point

Customers - 9 points
Prospective customers - 7 points
Internal - 3 points

Sales - 3 points
Client Services - 5 points
Marketing - 3 points

In this scenario, a request form that's being submitted by the Sales (3pts) department, with Customers (9pts) as the audience, and a Medium (3pts) priority would generate a score of 15 points. The requestor and staff team members will be able to see the total score, but not the individual scoring break down.

Setting Up Job Launch Scoring

Contact Support to have this feature enabled on your account. Be sure to include the name of the Job Launch form that you would like scored, along with the scored fields and assigned point values.