Uploading Excel Files for Reviewmail_outline

When uploading Microsoft Excel files for review, it is highly recommend to 'Save As...' a PDF file. 

Due to the large, customizable content areas within Excel documents, including multiple sheets, you will be unable to control the way in which Review + Approval visually converts these documents for your reviewers. The same is true when printing any Excel document - the file's print settings must be established beforehand to ensure the data displays correctly. It is highly recommend to convert all Excel content to PDF files for upload for review.

Before saving your Excel file as a PDF document, navigate to the 'Page Layout' tab in Excel and be sure to:

  • Set the page layout orientation to landscape or portrait
  • Set the page margins
  • Set the page size
  • Choose whether or not to print Gridlines or Headings
  • Highlight your content and set the applicable print area
  • Finally, navigate to 'File > 'Save As... 'and choose 'PDF.' Below the file format dropdown menu, choose 'Selection : Print_Area.'
  • Repeat these steps for multiple sheets!