Proof Status Glossarymail_outline

Proof Workspace Statuses

The following are the potential proof statuses found in the Proof Workspace.

The proof has been released and is available for review.  Any applicable reviewers will be able to access the proof to perform a review.
This proof has been accessed by at least one reviewer.  They may be in the process of providing feedback.
The proof has been reviewed and is waiting for the designer to take action on the returned annotations and approval statuses. At least once reviewer has applied a status of 'Approved with Changes', 'Change and Resubmit' or 'Contact Me.'
The proof has reached its deadline and some reviewers did not complete their review before the deadline occurred.
All reviewers have returned the proof with the status of 'Approved as Is.'
The proof is returned and at least one reviewer applied a status of 'Not Relevant' to the review.
The designer released a proof 'On Hold,' usually to allow a routing manager or project owner to release to the appropriate reviewers.  A proof can also be placed 'On Hold' after release if it is still in the status of 'Out For Review' and no reviewers have opened it.
The proof has been removed from the review environment, potentially to stop the review process or post a new version. It cannot be accessed by reviewers.
Designer has taken action on the proof regarding the returned annotations and approval statuses.
Proof was released to a Routing Manager who has accessed the proof but has not routed it for review.

My Reviews Statuses

The following are the potential proof statuses found in the My Reviews page.

A proof is awaiting the current user and other reviews.
A proof awaiting the current user's review has been opened and completed by at least one other reviewer.
A proof is awaiting only the current user's review.
The current user has opened the review but still needs to submit their feedback with approval statuses.
The current user has submitted their review and is awaiting other reviewers.

The deadline by which the user can review this content has passed.
Proof has been returned to the designer.
The proof has been returned to the designer with at least one applied status of 'Not Relevant' 
Actions have been taken by the designer.