Bulk Notify Reviewersmail_outline

Proof Owners and Admin Users can perform several bulk actions on proofs that are out for review.

Changing ‘Reviewers List’ View

From the Proofs Workspace, clicking the INFO button will take you to the ‘Proof Info’ page. From there, you will see the VIEW button at the top of the ‘Reviewers List’ and change the view to Group View.

Proofs that are routed using tiered workflows do not have the ability to display in group view, therefore the VIEW button will not display

Bulk Actions in Group View

Once in Group View, you will see a drop down with four actions:

  • Skip – Skip the selected reviewers without notifying them
  • Skip and Notify – Skip the selected reviewers notify them
  • Enable Notification – Notify me when each the selected reviewers complete their review
  • Disable Notification –  Do not notify me regarding the selected reviewers

The Enable/Disable Notification is referring to the function of clicking the bell icon next to each reviewer in ‘List View.’

Before selecting an action, you must select the checkboxes next to the reviewers you would like to apply the action to. After selecting an action from the drop down, a modal will popup asking for confirmation. Once you click OK, the action is complete.