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Secure Review Access

Administrators have the option to enable Secure Review Access to add an additional layer of security to the review process.

Secure Review Access has the following account-wide ramifications:

  • All reviewers will be required to login with a username and password to enter the review environment.
  • Proof forwarding will be permanently disabled for all proofs.
  • All new contacts will require login credentials in order to be created. 
  • Proof Subscription Alerts will exclude any read-only proof links.
  • Direct links for proofs and workspaces will be disabled in future email notifications.
  • You can limit the creation of contacts to Administrators.

To enable Secure Review Access, complete the steps as follows:

  1. Navigate to Account > Account Settings > Customize > Reviewer Security.
  2. Select 'Enable Secure Reviewer Access' to turn on this feature.
  3. (Optional) Select the option to limit contact creation by checking, 'Only Administrators can create Contacts.'
  4. Click Save.