Customizing the Workspacemail_outline

Throughout inMotion, you can customize various workspaces and the information that is displayed to you. Depending on the workspace, you may see some of the features outlined below.


You can customize which columns show in your workspace, including custom fields. You can also drag and drop columns in your workspace to customize the order in which they appear.

  1. Hover over the 'View Settings: Columnsoption in the top right hand side of the workspace.
  2. Select/Deselect the columns you would like to show on your workspace.
  3. Click the 'Apply Column View' button to save your choices.


inMotion allows you to sort your workspace by column. Based on the columns you have selected to view in your workspace, you can sort by the columns containing an underlined header. For example, if you click on 'Deadline' you can sort in ascending or descending order by date. Simply click a second time to change the order. A small triangle next to the header name will denote which value is sorted and in what order.


For those users looking for a more customized view of their workspace, inMotion offers the ability to filter their projects, proofs, requests or tasks by any field that shows a funnel icon to the right of the column header name.

Simply click on the funnel shaped icon and select which values you want to view and hide on your workspace.

Saving Default View

Once you have customized your workspace, you will also be given the option to save your settings as the 'Default View.' In the top right hand side of the workspace, select 'Set as Default' to save your changes. From here, you can also go back to your default view, or clear all filters.

Exporting the Workspace

As you refine your workspaces, you may find that your customized view could be valuable as an exported file or report. With the ability to export your workspaces, you can download that same data into the file format of your choice, including PDF, Word, Excel or CSV.

To export the workspace, first select whether you want to export the ‘Displayed’ records or ‘All’ records and click one of the file format icons next to ‘Share Report’ in the top right.