Reviewing a Proof with the Mobile Appmail_outline

Have you downloaded inMotion’s Review + Approval mobile app? If not, start here!

Accessing the Proof via Email

Once you have downloaded the mobile app, you can access proofs from your mobile device. If you have mobile access to your proof invitation email from inMotion, tap the 'Review this Proof' link from your email on your mobile device.

The link will launch a page in your mobile browser directing you to open the app or download it if you're a first time user. Tap the green Open inMotion button.

Tap Open in the OS dialog window.

Accessing the Proof without Email

If you don't have mobile access to your email, you can open the inMotion mobile app and enter specific credentials to access the proof. These credentials are only required the first time you open the app. From this point forward, the app will recall your subdomain and email address for future proofs.

Start by entering your inMotion account subdomain and tap Next. This is the unique URL that your team uses to access inMotion.

Enter your inMotion email address and tap Next.

Finally, enter the proof access code and tap Login to open the proof. 

You can find the proof access code in the email notification as well as on the My Reviews page, accessible with a dedicated login to inMotion.

Reviewing the Proof

If the proof uploader added specific instructions for reviewing content, they will display initially. Tap on Start Review to begin. If the proof uploader added individual asset notes, these will appear after the Proof Instructions.

The first page will provide a grid view of all assets, including statuses set.  Tap on the asset that you want to view.

When there are numerous pages in a proof, you can filter pages on this view by tapping on the filter icon in the top right of the screen. You will be able to filter by the status you have applied, including 'Approved (Thumbs Up),' 'Needs Changes (Thumbs Down),' and 'Status Pending (No Status Set).'

While viewing the selected asset, you can pinch to zoom in or out on your mobile device. Any annotations will show as a colored dot on the asset.

Tap on the info icon in the top right to view the Proof Instructions or Asset Info.

On the toolbar at the bottom you can do the following:

  • Tap the Comments icon to view, make or reply to other conversations related to the current asset. A green dot will appear in the top right of the comments icon when comments or annotations have been provided by other reviewers.
  • Tap the Hide Annotations icon to hide or show all annotations.
  • Once you have reviewed the asset, you can tap the Thumbs Up icon to approve the asset and apply a status of Approved As Is.
  • Alternatively, you can tap the Thumbs Down icon to disapprove and apply a status of Change and Resubmit. Note: If Change and Resubmit is not an available proof status, the system will apply the next available negative status.

Once you apply a status, the app will automatically load the next asset in the proof.

Providing Feedback

If you would like to view or reply to comments made on the asset, begin by tapping on the Comments icon in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. This opens the collaboration panel, where you can scroll through available conversations.

A gray reply icon will indicate which conversations have replies and how many.

Tap on the comment thread you would like to view or reply to. Then, type your reply and tap Post

You can tap the back button in the top left of the comments pane to go back to the list of conversations. 

You can also start a conversation thread or make general comments on proof assets. Tap on the Comments icon, enter your comment and tap Post.

Submitting your Review

Once you have set a status for each asset, you will see a green or red thumb icon associated with each approval or disapproval. 

Tap Submit Review to confirm your submission. Tap the checkbox to accept the disclaimer and if required, type your digital signature. Finally, tap Submit Review once more to finalize your review.

Now, you can quit the app and begin your next review!

Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
 Compatible with iPhone 6 or later.