Read-Only Access to Reviewsmail_outline

What is Read-Only?

Depending on where and when you access a proof during the review process, you may find yourself in read-only mode in the review environment. 

The limitations of read-only mode are:

  • You cannot make annotations or change your annotation color.
  • You cannot make comments or leave replies to comments.
  • You cannot set an approval status.

The functionality available in read-only mode is:

  • When allowed by the proof uploader, you can print or download the original assets.
  • You can view the current review and previous versions of the proof, when applicable.
  • You can view the approval statuses set by each reviewer and each page's aggregate status.

Where you Access the Proof

Where you access the proof from inMotion can determine whether you are placed into an active review, versus read-only mode.

To ensure you are placed into an active review, access the review from one of these locations:

  1. From your email notification, 'Proof Available for Review,' click on the link: 'Review this Proof.'
  2. From the 'My Reviews' tab in your inMotion account, click the green 'Review' button on the right side of the listed proof.

If you access the review from these locations, you will be placed into a read-only view, despite your role in the review process:

  1. Proofs Workspace, both the 'Preview' button and 'Reviews' button.
  2. Proof Info, both the 'Preview' button and 'Reviews' button.

When you Access the Proof

When you access the proof during the review process can also affect whether or not you are placed into an active review, versus read-only mode.

These scenarios can place you in read-only mode:

  1. You have fully submitted your review. In the 'My Reviews' tab in your inMotion account, you will see a red 'Reviews' button on the right side of the listed proof.
  2. The proof uploader or workflow process has skipped your review.
  3. The proof deadline has passed, and the account administrator has chosen for this to close the review.

Collaboration and Read-Only

Comment Replies

If another reviewer replies to a comment that you left in the review environment, you will receive an email notification, '[User] Replied to you in [Proof Name.]' If you have already submitted your review, the links found in the email notification, 'View the proof to respond,' will take you to a read-only review. In this scenario you will not be able to respond to the reply.


If another reviewer @mentions you in the review environment, this can "reopen" your reviewer status, and therefore allow you to reenter the active review. Following the link in the '[User] Mentioned You In [Proof Name]' email notification or accessing the review from the 'My Reviews' tab will allow you to reply or add additional feedback. If you had already submitted an approval status, you will need to resubmit your status.