Optimizing Proof Version Comparison with Separate Windowsmail_outline

Using a Split Screen to Compare Versions

Comparing multiple versions of a proof in separate tabs is made simple by utilizing the split screen features available within your operating system. Follow the steps below to view two windows split evenly across your screen. If you would like to compare proof versions on a single screen, utilize our side-by-side comparison mode.

(Mac OS 10.11 and later) Split View
(Windows 8.1 and later) Snap Assist

  1. Once the alternate version has been opened in a new tab of your browser, you will need to move the tab into a new window.
  2. Simply drag the tab containing the alternate version down and away from the window. You will see the new window appear immediately. 
  3. (Mac OS) To split your screen with these two browser windows, click and hold the green 'Maximize' button found in the top left of one of the windows. While continuing to hold, drag the window to the side of your screen where you would like it to split.  
  4. (Windows) To split your screen with these two browser windows, click and drag the title bar to the left or right side of your screen to snap it accordingly.
  5. Once you let go (in either operating system), you will be able to click on a thumbnail of the alternate window. This will populate the other side of your split screen.
  6. You can also adjust the window width by dragging the line between the windows.
  7. For further assistance, refer to the linked articles above for your applicable operating system.

You should end up with something like this: