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Request field mapping is a way to map fields (up to 20) from the request form to your project custom fields. This saves the project creator time when making a project as the information will automatically populate into the project details.

For example, let's say Type of Product is a field on your request form and is mapped to a custom field called Type of Product.

When that request is turned into a project, whatever data is entered into that field will populate into the custom field in your project details.

If you're interested in this feature and would like for our team to assist with enabling it in your account, simply set up whatever custom fields you'd like your request fields to map to, and submit a support ticket with the following information:

1. Which request form fields you would like mapped to a custom field.
2. Which project custom fields each request field should be mapped to.

Example: Please map 'Type of Project' in my Print Request Form to Custom Field 1 named 'Type of Project.'