Proof Management



File Preparation Guidelines
Compatible File Types General Guidelines 500MB file size limit - For the best online viewing experience, a file size limit   has been established.  File sizes that exceed this limit will not upload properly.   Password Prot...
Posting a New Proof
Learn how to upload a new proof with customizable options.
Posting a +Version of a Proof
Use +Versioning to associate your updated proofs as multiple versions of the same proof ID.
Viewing a Returned Proof
Once you've received the email notification that your proof has been returned, follow these steps to access the applicable feedback.
Recalling a Proof
Removing a Proof Before it has been Viewed If you've uploaded your proof and no one has opened the proof, it will reflect the status, 'Out For Review.' From the   Available Actions column on the right of the Proof Workspac...
Uploading a Web Capture for Review
In the Proofs Workspace, click Post Content for Review to initiate a new proof. On the Add Content  page, click FROM URL . Next, type in the address of the website you'd like to capture. If the page requires credentials to access...
Uploading an Email for Review
What is Email Review? With our email review capability, you can send emails right from your preferred email marketing tool to inMotion to be reviewed and approved.  Here's how email review works: Once your marketing email is read...
Proof Deadlines
Proof Deadlines When uploading a new proof for review , you can apply a Proof Deadline on the Release Options page. Proof Deadlines act as a due date for review completion by all invited reviewers. By enforcing a deadline, reviewers will not be ...
Proof Subscriber List
Enable additional email subscriptions for each proof during upload.
Reviewer Notifications
As the proof uploader in inMotion, you can receive a notification after a individual reviewer completes their feedback.
Reassigning Proofs to Another Project
If a proof has been assigned to the wrong project, you can easily reassign proofs to the correct project. From the Proofs Workspace , locate the applicable proof and click on the Info action button. From the Proof Info page, click on the E...
Proof Templates
Creating a Proof Template with the Builder Proof Templates are a way to automate the proof upload process. By creating a proof template, the proof uploader can choose that template and automatically apply pre-selected settings such as Reviewers a...
Using Review Teams
What is a Review Team? If a certain group of people need to frequently review proofs, you can save that group as a distribution list called a Review Team.  You can create review teams ahead of time or during the proof upload. When a proof is...
Using Workflows
Workflows allow you to add multiple tiers, rules and triggers that automatically route content for review.
Using Time Constraints in Workflow Rules
Hour(s) Based Time Constraints If you are building a workflow that contains optional reviewers, there are two main scenarios in which including an hour(s) based time constraint is valuable. If a workflow only contains optional reviewers and you...
Using Workflows with Contact Placeholders
To create a workflow using placeholders, you will need to create a new contact with a placeholder name, i.e. Designer Placeholder, and provide a fake email address. Create as many unique placeholders as you need for your workflow(s). Next, create y...
Proof Status Glossary
Proof Workspace Statuses The following are the potential proof statuses found in the Proof Workspace. The proof has been released and  is available for review.  Any applicable reviewers will be able to access the proof to perform a...
Placing Proofs on Hold
While uploading a proof, you can place the proof 'On Hold' to allow for another user or team to route the proof, i.e. choose the reviewers or workflow for proof approval. This can be beneficial if th
Routing Managers
If a contact needs permission to route a proof, i.e. choose the reviewers or workflow for a proof, you can apply contact permissions that allow them to act as a Routing Manager. With Routing Manager
Secure Review Access
Secure Review Access Administrators have the option to enable Secure Review Access to add an additional layer of security to the review process. Secure Review Access has the following account-wide ramifications: All reviewers will be required to...
Secure Review Submission (FDA Compliant Reviews)
In order to utilize this feature, contact Support to have Secure Review Submission enabled for your account. What is Secure Review Submission? Secure Review Submission enables your review process to be in compliance with FDA’s requirements f...
Uploading Google Files for Review
Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Draw files can now be directly uploaded as a proof asset from the account’s Google Drive DAM integration . Now, you can select google documents for review without having to convert the files beforehand. These Google ...