Proof Management



File Preparation Guidelines
Learn how to optimize your files for inMotion’s Review + Approval environment.
Posting a New Proof
Learn how to upload a new proof with customizable options.
Posting a +Version of a Proof
Use +Versioning to associate your updated proofs as multiple versions of the same proof ID.
Viewing a Returned Proof
Once you've received the email notification that your proof has been returned, follow these steps to access the applicable feedback.
Recalling a Proof
Uploaders can remove a proof before or after it has been viewed by reviewers.
Uploading a Web Capture for Review
Use inMotion’s URL capture to easily upload online content for review.
Uploading an Email for Review
Use inMotion’s Email Review feature to easily upload email content for review.
Proof Deadlines
Uploaders can set proof deadlines that act as a due date for all active reviewers to share their feedback.
Proof Subscriber List
Enable additional email subscriptions for each proof during upload.
Reviewer Notifications
As the proof uploader in inMotion, you can receive a notification after a individual reviewer completes their feedback.
Bulk Notify Reviewers
Proof Owners and Admin Users can perform several bulk actions on proofs that are out for review.
Reviewer Forwarding
Learn how to control the way that active reviews can be shared.
Reassigning Proofs to Another Project
Incorrectly uploaded proofs can easily be updated and associated with the correct project.
Proof Templates
Utilize Proof Templates to automate the proof upload process by saving reviewers and release options that are frequently used.
Using Review Teams
Save commonly used groups of reviewers as a Review Team for easy selection when routing proofs.
Using Workflows
Workflows allow you to add multiple tiers, rules and triggers that automatically route content for review.
Using Time Constraints in Workflow Rules
Learn how to set hour based time constraints for optional reviewers in workflows.
Using Workflows with Contact Placeholders
Using contact placeholders allows you to create workflows ahead of time without having to know the specific reviewers until the proof is routed for review.
Proof Status Glossary
Learn about potential proof statuses found in the Proof Workspace.
Placing Proofs on Hold
While uploading a proof, you can place the proof 'On Hold' to allow for another user or team to route the proof.
Routing Managers
If a contact needs permission to route a proof, you can apply contact permissions that allow them to act as a Routing Manager.
Secure Review Access
Enable Secure Review Access to add an additional layer of security to the review process.
Secure Review Submission (FDA Compliant Reviews)
Secure Review Submission enables your review process to be in compliance with FDA’s requirements for electronic signatures and electronic records (21 CFR 11).
Utilizing Vendors to Upload Content for Review
Set up Vendor users who can only upload proofs, upload new versions of proofs and view feedback on proofs they’ve uploaded.