September 2017 Release Notesmail_outline

New Features


  • Password Expiration – Admins can now set passwords to expire for all users and contacts within Account Settings. Learn more!

  • Task Resource – Admins can now set a unique user permission to indicate whether the respective user can be assigned to tasks
  • Project Schedule Manager – Admins can now set a unique user permission to indicate whether the respective user can create/edit project schedules
  • Brandfolder Integration – accounts with DAM integration options can now utilize Brandfolder as a DAM vendor

Review + Approval

  • Collapsible Collaboration Panel – Reviewers can now choose to hide or show the collaboration panel for a more focused view of proof assets or conversations.



  • Google Drive – Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Draw files can now be directly uploaded as a proof asset from your account’s Google Drive DAM integration. These Google documents can also be downloaded from Project Files as PDF and/or image files (Draw only).

  • Unarchive Project Button - Unarchive action now available on Project Dashboard for an archived project
  • Job Launch File Attachments - Additional files can now be added to a Job Launch request after it has been routed and returned from review
  • Proof Info  - Approval report option on the Proof Info page will now always be titled Report
  • Bulk Skip Notifications - Users can now choose whether or not to notify reviewers when skipping as a group
  • General Proof Information Report - Added an Archived and Deleted option to the report criteria
  • Proof Status Report - Added a Proof Deadline and Proof Posted date range to the report criteria

Review + Approval

  • Page Navigation - Navigation arrows have been placed directly in the review space to allow for easier navigation throughout the proof
  • Collaboration Panel - An updated comment layout allows reviewers and designers to easily see which conversations have replies and like

  • Comment Timestamps - Timestamps are now displayed in relative time, up to a day after the comment was left 
  • Annotation Tools - Tools remain selected throughout proof navigation

Review + Approval Mobile

  • Media Asset Comment Improvements - Comments on video and audio assets now clearly display the associated timestamp or timespan
  • Save & Exit - Users can easily save and exit their reviews if they have not yet set all review statuses
  • Proof Options - Proof and asset names are now ellipsed for better visibility of proof options