Review + Approval

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An Introduction to Review + Approval
Use our fully browser-based application to review content that your feedback has been requested on.
Quick Start Guide: Submitting a Review
Learn how to review content and submit your review status in this quick start guide.
 Video: Reviewing a Proof
This training video will provide step-by-step instruction on how to use the new review environment.
Reviewing a Media Asset
Learn more about reviewing a video asset with Review + Approval.
Reviewing a Web Capture
How to review a a desktop, tablet or mobile website captured by your proof uploader.
Email Review
With our email review capability, you can send emails right from your preferred email marketing tool to inMotion to be reviewed and approved.
 Video: Email Review
Watch a quick 5 minute introduction on using Email Review!
Collaborating During a Review
Use the collaboration panel to interact with comments other active reviews have made on a proof.
Making Feedback Actionable
Add a Feedback Manager to the end of your proof route to ensure your content producers are left with clear, actionable feedback.
Read-Only Access to Reviews
Depending on where and when you access a proof during the review process, you may find yourself with limited actions available in the review environment.
Proof Versioning
Use Proof Versioning to submit sequential versions of the same document, allowing for comparisons of multiple versions within the review environment.
Optimizing Proof Version Comparison with Separate Windows
Comparing multiple versions of a proof is made simple by utilizing the split screen features available within your operating system.
Approval Statuses Glossary
Review + Approval status glossary including review and aggregate statuses.
Proof Printing
Within Review + Approval, reviewers can print a PDF of assets including comments, annotations and approval statuses.
Proof Downloading
Within Review + Approval, reviewers can download the original files uploaded for review.